My Choice, My Plan, My Voice

Our new ‘It’s My Choice’ website launches today, bringing you all the resources you need to deliver fun, effective and engaging lessons around the transition from school to adult life for young learning disabled people.

The site includes training videos that guide you through the project resources.

Downloadable PowerPoints featuring interactive films.

And a Teacher’s Pack that that works alongside the PowerPoints to support you in your class delivery.

Touring It’s My Move

This project has been developed throughout 2020 as an adaptation of our successful live theatre programme ‘It’s My Move’. The theatre production was developed back in 2014 with Kings College London. We then went on to tour nationally each year, to Special schools and colleges reaching over 1000+ young disabled people, their teachers and parents per year.

“Face Front put on a really engaging show, the way they interacted with the learners and got them involved made the whole experience much more impactful l and relatable for them. The actors were all brilliant, they clearly love what they do, and that enjoyment spills over to audience! This has to be the best performance I have ever seen delivered at a school. It was wonderful to see the interaction between the actors and audience. Our learners have not stopped talking about when they move on!”


Teacher, St. Elizabeth’s School


“It was brilliant, it made me think I must use my voice.”


Pupil, Samuel Rhodes School


“The actors had disabilities like me and they were fantastic.”


Pupil, Pield Heath House School


We completed our last tour in the autumn of 2019. When we first went into lockdown in 2020 we took the decision to start developing the project into online and film based resources.

From spring 2020 Face front staff and freelancers have worked to adapt the project into a full online programme and we are very pleased with the results.

Developing for Online Delivery

In late November and early December 2020 we were able to pilot the project with a number of SEN schools to see how the resources worked and learnt that teacher’s were equally delighted.

Teachers from Oaktree and The Village Special School said…

‘The resolution/interaction section makes the whole thing work brilliantly. My students knew they had time to talk and they felt really supported. Their minds were put to rest and their worries eased.’


 ‘There is enough high quality material that you could do it over a half or even a whole term.’


 ‘For me to work it out anyone can do it! I get nervous about technology, but your programme was very clear and accessible for me to deliver.’


‘I would like to share the resources with all teaching staff and LSA’s across our school’


With their students saying:

The story was great for my age. I learnt that its my choice so I can do what I want to do.’


‘It was good. It’s your choice and your decision. It taught me how to be confident about college because I will be leaving soon.’


‘I learnt to choose my future. Finlay’s story was interesting because mechanics is what I would like to do.’


From today you can download all the resources for FREE.

Please do ask any questions, and send us your feedback, we would love to hear from you at