Finlay’s Story Summary


Suitable for Moderate and Severe Learning Disabled students.

Finlay and Ade are friends who are both in the final year of school. They introduce themselves and we learn that Finlay wants to work with cars and Ade wants to do performing arts.

Finlay is non verbal and usually has support from his PA Sarah. They meet up with Ade and some school friends at their local youth club and chat about leaving school. Sarah suggests that Finlay visit a college and look at a mechanics course.

Finlay, Sarah and Ade also visit a garage where Finlay gets a chance to see what the mechanics do, while Sarah and Ade film him on his tablet. Finlay gets the opportunity to look in the engine and help out.

Sarah suggests that Finlay could try an apprenticeship which would involve working in the garage for a few days and attending the mechanics course at college for a few days every week. Finlay shows that he is happy with that suggestion.

It is time for Finlay to make his final transition choices and because he is ‘looked after’ a social worker called Claire, goes through his EHCP review. Claire is newly qualified and does not know Finlay. Unfortunately, Sarah, Finlay’s PA, is not available to support Finlay in the meeting, so he has to go on his own, he brings his tablet to show Claire what he wants to do.

Claire does not appreciate that Finlay is using his tablet to communicate and tells him to put it down. Claire asks Finlay questions about what he wants to do, but does not understand his answers. Finlay attempts again to show her the film of him at the garage but she does not understand. Finlay gets more and more frustrated and when Claire says she will make the decision for him to stay at school and do independent living skills, he begins to express his anger and is told off by Claire who leaves the room.

Finlay is very distressed, jumping up and down and we view how he perceives the situation in a nightmarish fantasy, where different adults are asking him questions and not listening or understanding his answers.

Later on at the youth club, Ade is very excited about his performing arts course and going to college and can’t understand why Finlay is pushing him away. Finlay is angry and will not communicate with Ade. Ade asks what is wrong and requests that the viewers help his best friend, Finlay.

The interactive section then follows to resolve Finlay’s dilemma.