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Welcome to Face Front Inclusive Theatre’s transition programme ‘It’s My Choice’, exploring true life dilemmas concerning young learning disabled people who are leaving school.

The programme puts the young person at the heart of the action, helping them to make important life choices and negotiate the maze of potential pressures, confusion and anxiety that can occur when planning to leave the safety of their school.

The series of stories are adapted from the popular theatre production ‘It’s My Move’ and are presented via teacher friendly PowerPoints with embedded, interactive films. This pack, along with training videos, is there to support teachers navigate the programme. 

It's My Choice Quick Start Video Guide

All the stories are based on interviews and interactive drama sessions with young learning disabled people going through or soon after transition, as well as with parents, education, health and social care professionals. 

This resource was created in response to the pandemic, when it was no longer possible to tour the live theatre show. We are happy to say that every challenge brings opportunity and this has enabled us to extend the reach of this valuable resource. 

The ‘It’s My Choice’ programme is now available to be used by teachers in schools across the UK, for young learning disabled people across a range of abilities. 

A short summary of how to use the resources and deliver the It’s My Choice programme.